The main differences are the solid experiences from our experts, the global scope, and the unique remuneration model for analysts.

We work with a remuneration model 100% aligned with clients needs. Analysts are remunerated based on the number of reports produced, their quality, and number of views.

Our platform gathers over 70 senior analysts worldwide. They are located in countries such as China, USA, Singapore and Mexico.

We cover various themes and asset classes in Brazil and abroad, such as stocks, IPOs, commodities, fixed income investments, macroeconomics, foreign currency exchange, ESG, and cryptocurrencies.

Ohmresearch is focused on providing solutions to individual or institutional investors, such as fund managers, financial advisors, and financial professionals, that are linked to the private banking universe.

Yes. It is possible to have a free trial. To do so you must sign up here. After signing up you will have access to our morning summary, the "Wake up Call" signed by Roberto Attuch, Ohmresearch’s CEO. Besides that, you will have, free of charge, access to up to three reports and a monthly query on our Stock Guide.

The subscription plans vary from less than R$ 300 up to R$ 2,000/month.

The most complete option includes unlimited access to our content, the ability to have five logins and two exclusive monthly online or face-to-face meetings with our analysts.

To further questions about our services, please contact us via email: contato@ohmresearch.com.br