Research Providers

Agile Investe

Brazil, Equities Strategy, Fixed Income
Research house - Agile

Taubate, Brazil

Agile INVESTE was born to improve people's lives. We believe that investing is for everyone. Regardless of the level of knowledge or the amount invested, everyone can have access to a better return on their [...]

Aliança Logistica

Advisory Consultant - Energy

Rio de Janeiro , Brasil

Aliança provides corporate finance, strategic consultancy and market advisory services to clients in ethanol and ethanol-related markets, offering insight into physical trade flows, the dynamics of individual local markets, as well as intelligence on global [...]

Arthur Valle

ETF, Global Multi Assets, Quantitative
Portfolio Strategist - TrendSet

Hamiton, New Zealand

Arthur Valle is a professor and academic researcher with practical experience in IT, Business, Data Science and Passive Investing Strategy. Arthur has, among other academic qualifications, a PhD in Production and Systems Engineering (PUCPR) and a [...]

Barry C. Knapp

Global Multi Assets, Macroeconomics
Macro Strategist - Ironsides Macroeconomic

Vail, USA

Barry C. Knapp is  Managing Director of Ironsides also serves as Senior Advisor to Macro Risk Advisors (MRA). Barry was  Head of Macro & Public Policy Strategy at Guggenheim Securities. Previous roles included  Head of [...]

Bruno Lazzarato

Cripto Investimentos, Criptomoedas
Analista - OHM Crypto

Carteiras Temáticas One

São José dos Campos, Brazil

Bruno é um profissional de investimento com expertise em criptomoedas e foco em operações de curto prazo ( swig trade e day trade). Bruno trabalhou com trader de Bovespa por mais de 17 anos no [...]

Caio Amoedo

Agribusiness, Consumer, Industry

Petrópolis, Brazil

Caio Farme D’Amoed is an accountant with 12 years’ experience in investment analysis and consultancy in Brazil, and founder of the website Currently an analyst with Técnica Consultoria, he has worked as analyst and [...]

Carlos H. Brandt S.

Energy, Geopolitics, Macroeconomics
Analyst - Latam

Caracas, Venezuela

Carlos H. Brandt S. is an independent consultant and researcher, with interest on political and risk analysis, geopolitics, international affairs, foreign policy, energy security, oil & gas markets, Venezuelan Oil Industry, public policies and legal framework for [...]

Carlos Macedo

Banks, Fintech
Analista - LatAm

Miami, EUA

Carlos Macedo is a LatAm financial sector expert – with 13 years advising investors: 11 of these with Goldman Sachs in São Paulo and New York, where he led a 6-analyst team in 6 countries [...]

Claire Meier

Macroeconomics, Politcs
Emerging Mtks CFP - Level 3

London, UK

Claire Meire Underhill is an experienced macro economist in developed and EM Markets; her core strengths are in sovereign debt investment recommendations based on economic, fiscal and political analysis. She is an experienced writer and [...]

Cristiane Fensterseifer

Bolsa Brasil
Analista de Small - CNPI

OHM Brasil

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Investidora em ações e Analista de Investimentos há mais de 15 anos e trabalhou em grandes empresas do setor:  Geração Futuro, Genial Investimentos,  Brasil Plural, no research independente do grupo XP, Spiti, e na casa [...]

Daniel Miraglia

Chief Investment Officer - Macro, Credit, Markets

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daniel P. Miraglia has over 25 years of experience as a portfolio manager, strategist and treasurer. He worked for many years as a strategist for proprietary and treasury positions at Safra and in the Itaú [...]

EcoFlex trading

Agribusiness, Energy, ESG
Analise Setorial -

OHM Brasil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A Ecoflex é uma das empresas mais atuantes no mercado nacional de comercialização de etanol, sempre com a preocupação de introduzir e desenvolver nossos serviços e produtos para melhor atender as necessidades dos nossos clientes. [...]

Eduardo Estrada

Consumption - LaTam

Mexico City, Mexico

Eduardo is a financial and economic professional, with more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector, bilingual, with extensive knowledge of the Mexican and international economies and financial markets. He has the CFA [...]

Fernando Tempel

Investment Funds, Macroeconomics
Analyst CNPI 107 - OHR Research

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Fernando Tempel is a professional with over 20 years of experience in investment analysis, mergers and acquisitions and consultancy. He is a specialist in value investing and wrote the first book adapting this theory to [...]

Gautam Jain

Currencies, Fixed Income, Macroeconomics
Strategist - Ph.D., CFA

New York, EUA

Gautam Jain has over 20 years of experience in global emerging markets. In his previous role at The Rohatyn Group (TRG), he served as a Managing Director and Chief Strategist covering Emerging Markets local-currency and [...]

German Rios

Senior Analyst -

Madrid, Spain

Germán Ríos is Adjunct Professor and Chair of the Observatory on Latin American Politics and Economics at IE University and Senior Partner at Atrevia. Previously he was Corporate Director of Strategic Affairs at CAF development [...]

Gilberto Cardoso

Commodities, Metals, Mining
Analyst - Commodities

Singapore, Singapore

Gilberto Cardoso is founder & managing director of Tarraco Commodities Solutions Pte Ltd, boutique management consulting firm based in Singapore. He is former Director of Marketing & Sales for iron ore and pellets at ArcelorMittal [...]

Jaime Valdivia

Latam, Macroeconomics, USA
Emerging Markets - Macro Analyst

New York, USA

Jaime Valdivia spent the last 10 years at BlueCrest Capital Management, the $34B macro hedge fund  specializing in Latin America and the US Federal Reserve.  Prior to BlueCrest, Mr. Valdivia was Global Strategist at a [...]

James Collins

Automotive, Energy, Technology
Annalyst - CFA

New York, USA

Jim Collins is an investment professional with 30 years of experience in equity research at investment banks (Lehman, DLJ, UBS) and now on his on, as principal at Portfolio Guru, LLC and Excelsior Capital Partners. Jim's [...]

Jay Pelosky

Global Multi Assets, Thematic Investiments
Global Strategist - TPW Advisory

New York, USA

Jay Pelosky is a global strategist with 30 + years of multi asset investment experience in roughly 50 countries. He was a top II ranked strategist at Morgan Stanley in Global Asset Allocation, Global Equity [...]

Jose Chalhoub

Energy, Oil, Politcs
Latam - Consultant

Caracas, Venezuela

Jose Luis Chalhoub is a consultant and advisor specializing in political and country risk, based in and expert on Venezuela. He has 13 years’ experience in Venezuelan oil. At the Venezuelan Mining and Oil Ministry, [...]

Kelly Trentin

Emerging Markets, Macroeconomics, Mutual Funds
Equity - Strategist

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kelly Trentin is an investment professional with long experience in Brazilian investment market. Have worked with Banco Alfa, SLW and Spinelli Brokerage Companies as Equity Research Analyst for more than 20 years. Undergraduated in Economics [...]


ESG, Responsible Investment
Kipuinvest - Experts

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kipuinvest is a Brazil-based specialized consultancy with high academic and technical qualifications, operating in 3 divisions – M&A, responsible investment, and independent research. It focuses mainly on the consumer, agribusiness and land/real estate sectors, providing [...]


Brazil, Macroeconomics
Sector Analysis - Projections

Sao Paulo, Brazil

LCA is the largest economic consultancy in Brazil. Founded in 1995, it consults on Macroeconomics, Market Intelligence, Law Economics, Corporate Planning and Finance. It has a team of 80 specialists in Economics, and more than [...]

Lukas Kümmerle

Europe, Grains, Metals
Commodities Analyst -

Wolfhagem, German

Lukas Kuemmerle is a German based commodity analyst with a focus on the Soft, Metal, Energy and Grain Markets. Moreover, he provides in-depth analysis about opportunities in the macro world. He is also the founder [...]

Marcio Fernandes

Geopolitics, Politcs, Macro/Strategy Brazil
BR Political - Risk Analyst

Brasilia, Brazil

Márcio is a Political Risk Analyst specialized in Brazilian Politics, Brazilian Foreign Affairs, Commodity Markets and National Defense in the South Atlantic context. In 2013, he founded Quorum - Political Strategy, a consultancy in Government [...]

Martin Lara

Miranda - LatAm Experts

Mexico City, Mexico

Martín Lara is a partner in Mexico-based consultants Miranda Research Partners. He is an investment strategy / equity research director, with wide EM experience – 24 years covering Latam telecom & media (at Itaú BBA, [...]

Martin Tixer

Corporate Credit, Macroeconomics, Sovereign Credit
Global - Strategist

Paris, França

Martin Tixier is a specialist concentrating on macroeconomic trends in general, and credit primarily in the UK. He founded and runs Macronomics, an independent macro-strategy financial advisory, also publishing the weekly blog, which has [...]


Emerging Markets, Macroeconomics
MCM - Consultants

Sao Paulo, Brazil

MCM is the Brazilian leader in economic consultancy for the financial market. Founded in 1990, it has a top-quality team of economists specialized in the financial market, politics and elections, economic activity, public finance and [...]

Metodi Tzanov

Emerging Markets, Macroeconomics, Taxa de Juros
Chief Economist Emerging - Emerging Markets Watch

Macro Global

Sofia, Bulgaria

Metodi é Economista-chefe na EmergingMarketWatch,  com sede em Sofia, Bulgária. Ele ocupou o cargo de chefe regional da zona periferia ao euro,  antes de seu cargo atual. Ele supervisiona a análise  macroeconômica e geopolítica da [...]

Michael Harris

Turkey Country Specialist - cribstone

Londres, UK

Mike Harris has received 22 No. 1 rankings in Institutional Investor surveys during his 24 years as a multi-industry analyst and strategist covering the Turkish and Emerging European Markets. He is the highest ranked Turkish [...]

Miranda Partners

Geopolitics, Macroeconomics, Telecom
LatAm - Experts

Mexico City, Mexico

Damian Fraser is a partner in consultants Miranda Research Partners, in Mexico City, where he is responsible for advising companies, intermediaries, and investment funds on financial communication, crisis management, and offering political and economic risk [...]

Mitchell Minki Kim

Fintech, Technology, Telecom
Global Tech - Analyst

New York , USA

Mitchell is globally recognized for his work as a TMT (telecom, media, technology) equity research analyst, hedge fund manager, M&A and corporate finance executive and a founder of a telecom company in the past. Mitchell [...]

Pedro Rafael Loureiro

Cripto Investimentos, Análise Onchain
Analista de Criptomoedas -

Carteiras Temáticas One

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pedro Rafael é um profissional de investimentos, com expertise em bitcoin em análise onchain e derivativos, com foco em modelagem de juros em operações estruturadas com opções e contratos futuros. Pedro trabalhou com exchanges de [...]

Prasenjit Basu

PK Basu, Strategist - Asia Macro, Equities

Makati, Singapore

PK Basu is an investment professional with expertise on global macro, Asian economies and markets, interest rates and FX. He has 30 years experience based in US, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, covering India, Indonesia, Thailand, [...]

Ricardo Fernandez

Equities Strategy, Latam
Latam Specialist - Chile, Peru

Santiago, Chile

Remember the 1994/95 Tequila crises, that's when I started working as an equity research analyst in Santiago Chile. In 2000 I moved to Brazil where for 10yrs I worked as a sell side analyst for [...]

Roberto Attuch

Banks, Equities Strategy, Emerging Markets
Banks, Equities Strategy - Ohm Research

Sao Paulo, Brasil

Roberto Attuch is one of the most successful professionals in the equity market in Latin America, with more than 25 years’ experience, mainly at Credit Suisse and Barclays. As an analyst responsible for coverage of [...]

Roberto Dumas

Brazil, China USA - Dumas Consulting

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Robert Dumas has 30 years’ experience in international financial markets, with institutions including Citigroup, Lloyds Bank, UBS, and Itaú BBA, and has important specialist knowledge of China. He was Chief Representative in Shanghai for Itaú [...]

Rodrigo Borges

Crypto, Tokentization
Crypto, Blockchain - Specialist

Sao Paulo, Brasil

Rodrigo is an entrepreneur, enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He has over 20 years of experience in the technology market, with a greater focus on developing new businesses and startups. Today, he serves as CEO and [...]

Saltmarsh Economics

Macroeconomic Analysis -

OHM Global

London, UK

Saltmarsh Economics was established in October 2021 to focus on the economic and policy implications of climate change, the macro policy debate in the UK, imbalances in the euro area and structural changes not priced [...]

Saul Martinez

Banks, Fintech, Financial services
Analyst - Equities Strategist

Glen Ridge, NJ, USA

Saul Martinez has had a long and successful career on Wall Street covering financial institutions in both the US and Latin America. Saul worked at UBS as Head of US Large Capitalization Banks and Consumer [...]

Scott Darling

Asia, Gas, Oil
Global Consultant - Commodities

Hong Kong, China

Scott is Oil & Gas independent consultant. He was head of Equity Research in JP Morgan, responsible for Asia Commodities Equity research. He has extensive knowledge ( more than 20 years) in Oil & Gas [...]

SITAWI Finanças do Bem

Brazil, Energy, Equities Strategy
Good Finance - SITAWI

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

SITAWI Finanças do Bem is an ESG Research provider based in Rio de Janeiro and local presence in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Lima (PER), Quito (EQU) and Bogota (COL). We cover about 300 companies [...]

William Gonçalves

Metals, Pulp and Paper
Analyst CNPI - P EM 1615

Toronto, Canada

William Gonçalves has 8 years’ experience in the capital markets, with investment and fund management company Geral Investimentos, in fundamentalist equity analysis, reports, financial modeling, valuation, risk calculation and portfolio allocation. He previously worked for [...]

Zoltan Szelyes

Malls/REITS, Real Estate, Real State Credit
Global Real Estate - CAIA, CFA

Zurich, Switzerland

Zoltan is seasoned expert on international real estate investment and real estate debt in global scale. Promoter of a macro research based investment approach bridging real estate fundamentals with central banking and financial market insights. He [...]